Summer Camp Program

Bring  Creativity to your Summer Campers

Program Suggestions Include:

Linda Peck-Math, Mindfulness , Mime and Movement or Circus Skills- Tight Rope and Awareness.

The Game-A creative workshop in building, imagination, and collaboration-Everyone will want to “play”

Zentangles with Susan Rosano-Alphatangles, Geotangles, Zootangles and more!!

Oil Drum Art with Susan Rosano

Create a Box Banjo with Dennis Waring

Dance, Dance, Dance with Brian Gillie

Tim Latta dances on stilts in Motion 360

Learn about the Constitution with Me Pluribus Unum

Participate as Greek myths come alive

Visit the Oregon Trail

Rope and Yodel with a real cowboy-Ernie Sites

Enjoy the sounds of Cool Cat Jazz, Boogie Chillun, Blue Jupiter, Sirius Coyote, Ernie Sites, Mikata, Surcari, Carnival Trio or the Taiko Drums

Hands on Drumming with Bob Bloom or Che Cartafalsa

Make a Wordle Quilt with Sally Rogers

Create a Song with Cyd Slotoroff, Mike Kachuba or Sally Rogers

Learn to Salsa with Richard Hill

Hip Hop Dance with Austin Dailey

Photograph your environment with Craig Norton

Have an author visit with Sanna Stanley

Explore Brazil with Ginga Brazileira

Explore India with Rachna

Hula Hula Hula with Kahana

Have a with a historical figure-One or Harriet Tubman

Improv Theatre with Freestyle Rep

Tell a story with Motoko, Eshu, Tom Lee, Mark Levitt

Make Puppets with Larry!

Make a recycled bag with Claudia Mathison

Weave a Community Weaving with Sarah Haskell