“Reforming education is rightly seen as one of the biggest challenges of our times.  In my view, reform is not enough: the real challenge is to transform education from a 19th century industrial model into a 21st century process based on different principles.”

– Sir Ken Robinson

Arts For Learning Connecticut engages learners of all ages and abilities in the 21st Century Learning Skills of creativity, collaboration, and communication through:

  • arts integration in school residencies, after school programs,  and sequential learning opportunities in the arts
  • workshops that provide direct experiences in the arts
  • performances that provide an understanding of cultures and art forms that connect to various aspects of the curriculum
  • professional development workshops for teachers and artists in arts integration, positive behavior development, and in providing arts experiences of people with different abilities.

Whether it be a residency or performance, our Signature Core Services of experiencing the art form, understanding the art form, creating in the art form, and connecting the art form to other areas of life will be apparent to all participants.

To design your arts learning experience please contact our Education Manager, Mike Kachuba at 203-230-8101 ext. 15 or via email, mkachuba@yaconn.org

To schedule a performance, workshop or residency please contact Loraine Brown, Program Manager at 203-230-8101 ext. 10 or via email, lbrown@yaconn.org

1) Dialogue with educators, administrators, program directors, and parents to gather curricular information and goals for programs.

2) Review the new Artist Directory on our website-search by artist, discipline, grade or curriculum area

3) Develop a plan for your year include Performances, Workshops, and Residencies.  Check your calendar

4) Call Arts for Learning office for information, artist availability and scheduling at 203.230.8101, email info@yaconn.org or fax 203.230.8131 or submit the Contract Request Form to request your artist, program and dates.

5) Provide the Arts for Learning PROGRAM GUIDES to key staff members to enhance learning.

Please click on a link below to view and print evaluation forms (PDF format – requires the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer).

School Performance Evaluation Form

School Workshop Residency Evaluation Form

Student Evaluation Form


Improve the supply of quality out of school learning opportunities for children and families

Increase theparticipation in out of school learning opportunities

Use this participation to help children interact with their family and other community members

Promote family centered lifelong learning activities in the home and community.