“You need to read this post! It’ll change your life!” Did I get your attention? Through the use of opinion writing and drama skills, 4th graders at Rotella Magnet School had to perform a commercial using improvisation, including tag lines like the ones above. Their job? Sell their product! I used the same graphic organizer that the writing teacher had used with them to organize their opinions, reasons, and explanations. I read the book: Have I Got a Book for You! by Melanie Watt. In the book the main character tries to sell the book to you. After hearing the book, the students work in small groups picking an object to sell and filling out the organizer (called an OREO). I played numerous drama games (Scarves, Use or Become, Character in Space, and Yes,And) to teach them use of body and gesture as a means to convince a possible customer to want the product. The combination of the drama lessons and the writing of opinions with reasons and explanations worked together perfectly to create amazing commercials with some convincing tag lines. If you read this post, I guess my opening tag lines worked! I don’t know if it changed your life but I sure hope the post has inspired you in some way!

Marly Parker