Karen Rossi

Karen Rossi’s childhood in an agricultural Connecticut River Valley town was tranquil and sheltered. As a youth, Karen loved to paint and draw, and did so prolifically. Summers were especially quiet, and Karen’s mom encouraged her three daughters to use their imaginations and keep active. She told them stories from her own childhood, and of studio visits to her sculptor neighbor, Alexander Calder. The Calder stories were the first of many strong influences on Karen. Her parents started their own aerospace welding business in the garage of their home. Struggles involved in running a fast-growing company consumed the entire family. During Karen’s high school years, the ’70s exposed her to politics, people, folk music, and storytelling. She loved nature and drew scenes from around her home, studying human life in her daily surroundings. Karen’s passion for art continued through university life where she studied foreign languages as well as a traditional foundation in painting and drawing. After college, she found community and a sense of belonging by volunteering and teaching children art, while taking classes and experimenting in different mediums

Karen Rossi Mural

Together We Are….

A collaborative mural project that involves the total community in expressing what is special about your town and community. Karen will meet with members of the community to plan the project with input from the total community.

Karen Rossi

Create Your Own Fanciful Flight

Karen’s character ornaments are so much fun to make, because they can be personalized with painted outfits, whatever hair color you’d like, and charms that are suited to you!Workshop attendees will begin the class with a white-bodied ornament. They will have the opportunity to decorate the ornament with the outfit of their choice!