Arts for Learning Ct., brought me into several different schools, where I taught a range of
skills and academics simultaneously. I have worked with students from Pre-K to 12 graders, and have found that
delinking the learning from any outcome, increased understanding and transformed the effort of learning into interest in learning. It is almost impossible to be depressed or negative when you are intrigued, fascinated and  engaged in performing a role that is linked to learning. Reframing education from outcome oriented to process focused is inherent in Arts inclusion in the classroom. I have seen it reshape the mindsets of children and teachers. Students not only learn about learning and generally come to enjoy it, but can make larger more substantial connections through their years of education. With standardized testing , and outcome learning, we set students up for learning in a box. Reframing the mind is superior in learning.
It can open a whole new range of possibilities for children to create and innovate.


 What we need, is more people who specialize in the impossible.                                                                                                          – Theodore Roethke