Arts Partners

Become an Arts Partners School through AFLCT’s Arts Partners Initiative and bring a new spirit to your learning community. As an Arts Partner, you will commit to arts integration in your curriculum through the guidance of highly trained teaching artists from our Arts Partners Teaching Artist Roster.  These artists understand how the Common Core Standards allow for creativity and the arts to be used in instruction delivery.  As an Arts Partner you will receive a 5-10 day artist residency, 16 hours of embedded professional development on arts integration for one grade level, and can send up to five teachers for no cost to our Summer Arts Studio Institute.  Here, your teachers can spend four days in a fun, creative atmosphere gaining confidence in using various art forms along side of our teaching artists and learning ways to enliven their lessons. In addition, you will receive the added service of Arts For Learning looking for grants to support work at your school.



Professional Development Models and Topics:

Professional development sessions for both Arts Partners Schools and schools just looking for interesting and impactful learning opportunities for teachers can follow either of two models.  Embedded Professional Development allows teachers and artists to work side by side with students in the class room.  The Traditional Model offers learning experiences in half or full day sessions on the typical “professional development calendar day” found in many districts.

Some possible topics include:

  • Arts Integration in the Curriculum
  • Positive School Climate Initiatives
  • Using Universal Design for Learning UDL in your classroom to reach all learners
  • Arts and the SRBI’s
  • Teaching Science Through Dance
  • Making Literacy Connections Through the Arts
  • Teaching Math Through Music
  • The Game: Strategies for Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Developing Literacy Skills through Song Writing
  • Addressing the needs of bodily-kinesthetic learners by moving through the curriculum
  • Other Topics designed for your needs

Please contact:  Mike Kachuba, Arts For Learning,  Associate Director,  203-230-8101 ext. 15  or  to learn about The Arts Partners Initiative or to  create a professional development workshop that teachers will find meaningful, applicable to their work, interactive and fun.