Amanda Aromatici, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist – Amanda obtained her Masters of Family Therapy Degree from the pioneering  program at Southern Connecticut State University—where she also became Assessment Certified. Amanda is currently the Primary Therapist at a mental health residential treatment center for adolescents.  She has extensive experience working in both private and state clinical service programs with children and families.

Amanda approaches her work systemically, and is empathetic and creative in working with all aspects of an individual’s life. Her systemic thinking also gives her a comprehensive overview of AFLCT and its operations. 

Amanda specializes in DBT and Mindfulness strategies, always practicing with her clients’ best interests at heart.

Raised in Italy, Amanda is passionate about her strong belief  that exposure to the arts is essential to an individual’s daily life, balance, self-exploration and social awareness.

Prior to entering the mental health field, Amanda worked in the New Haven Public School System at various high schools in the Independent  Study and Seminar Program. Previously, Amanda worked at the Yale University Student Center after completing a double BA in Theology and Religious Studies and Art Studio.