Virginia Lynn Anderson

Bring literacy alive with the creation of a storymural under Virginia’s creative direction. Throughout the process, students will delve into science and nature through art, learn about the creation and publication of books, and be inspired by the social and behavioral themes in her books.

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About the Artist

Virginia Lynn Anderson is a multi-disciplinary teaching artist residing in upstate New York. She is a publisher, author and illustrator of children’s picture books and has been providing arts integrated programs for children and adults in Connecticut and New England for the past 25 years. Her Connecticut clients include ACES Village School, ACES School for Autism, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford Public Schools, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain Public Schools. The Center School in Stratford, The School for Young Children Hartford, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Storymural Residency (Grades K-5)

2015Storymural Showcase

Students will create a large canvas wrapped mural using mixed media collage techniques. The theme is inspired by one of Virginia’s illustrated children’s books.

25 paperback books will be provided for the classrooms to circulate prior to the residency so students will have a context for the mural creation.

Culminating Assembly/Share:

Virginia will present the completed Storymural to the school in a culminating assembly. She will share with the students her inspiration for her books, discuss her creative process and have a discussion about the story theme. Residency students will have the opportunity to share their experience of the mural creation.

Book / Theme Choices:


2015Poppybug Storymural LR

Learn about the life cycle of a poppy flower through the eyes of a young poppy bud – themes of nature, diversity and social skills. Illustrations created from 4 paintings.

The Flying Phlox

Virginia Anderson - TFP LR Cover

A delightful visual journey from dawn to dusk with a flying phlox flower – use of language / alliteration and “illustrated words”, nature theme, visual metaphors – all illustrations created from a single painting

The Very Lonely Garden

TVLG cover

A hero story staring a pet dragon – nature theme, social skills, visual metaphors – all illustrations from a single painting

Length: 5 consecutive days for Grades K-5  / (4) 50 minute classes per day, culminating assembly on last day. Optional: Virginia Lynn Anderson will arrange to send a purchase form home to the parents for signed books. Discounted Hardcover and paperback are available with advanced order.

5 day residency: $3,465 includes materials and a signed hardcover book donated to the school library.


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