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About the Artist

“Besides her exceptional talents as a performer with profound impact on audiences, she stands out as an individual of great integrity. Tsidii has a strong work ethic and a consistent, dedicated and passionate approach to her life and work. Her capacity to be organized, dependable, disciplined and her ability to maintain high standards assures that she delivers first-class quality work. She is a creative, innovative, studious and intuitive person. Tsidii has successfully demonstrated leadership, initiative and great care towards others. I would recommend Tsidii for any endeavor requiring her participation”. -Julie Taymor (Oscar / Tony Award winning Director)

“Tsidii is an asset to any endeavor requiring the gifts of a versatile performer. Her originality leaves a compelling impression, and her artistic heritage is one which has been admired and appreciated. Ms. Le Loka would be a notable and unique presence in any artistic endeavor that would accommodate her gift.” Harry Belafonte (Grammy-Award / Tony Award winning singer, actor and humanitarian)  “We were all so impressed not only by your unique singing talent, but also by the energy, enthusiasm and dedication which you brought to your performance. We are also mindful of the great work you did with the Amanzi Choir – they certainly blossomed under your guidance and inspiration.” John McColgan (Founder and Director of International Irish Dance Company, Riverdance)

TSIDII LE LOKA – Tradition and Innovation.

A voice rings out in the darkness… powerful enough to shake the leaves in a mountain forest, or to stop traffic in the big city. It’s distinct, familiar and universal, and it seems to say “we are all connected.” Surrounding this mesmerizing voice are the deep, warm notes of a giant marimba and the driving rhythms of drums. This is a meeting of worlds once worlds apart in a now effortless blend of Black and White, male and female, voice and drums, tradition and innovation…  a love song connecting South Africa and America with threads uniting past, present and future. This is musical global citizenship at its best.

In school performances their repertoire effortlessly blends ancient and modern in a style that is simply all their own. While Tsidii’s voice completely transforms any hall and embraces all who are in it, And world class percussion simultaneously cradles her songs and catapults them to new heights.  Its’s just what happens when tow life-long masters of their craft look for and find common ground.

In addition to their in-school concerts they offer several hands-on workshops. Each of these are designed to give students insight into how these two extraordinary performers found their calling and found their way.


Tsidii has travelled and performed on some of the world’s biggest stages including Carnegie Hall (NY), The Olympia (Paris), Teatro Sistina (Rome), Market Theatre (South Africa), The Hollywood Bowl (CA, USA), Lincoln Center (NYC) and on Broadway. Many of her concerts have also included working with college choirs in workshops and seminars. She was also charged with creating and leading Masterclasses and Workshops In South African Music And Culture around the US for Disney Theatrical Productions for artist and creative directors during the creation of The Lion King on Broadway. She also co-directed choirs for the Broadway casts of Riverdance on Broadway (Gershwin Theatre) Nothing Like A Dame (Schubert Theatre), and The Lion King on Broadway. She was the only lead performer in The Lion King who was also involved in the creative process of the show, and her composition “Rafiki Mourns” is featured on the Grammy Award winning original cast recording of the show.

Tsidii’s Workshop, South African Choral Traditions Workshop creates a vocal orchestra of sound and rhythm; showing the students how to sing with not only their voice but to engage their whole being and body in creating the rhythm and nuances of the music.

In another workshop, The Multi-Culti Rhythm Ensemble Workshop, Tony transforms a random group of students and faculty into a world percussion Orchestra, fully capable of performing their song in the all school concert with Tsidii and Tony.

In addition, these concerts and workshops can be customized to your school’s unique needs and visions. Tsidii and Tony can work with your school’s chorus as easily as with your school band, and these groups can easily be part of the concert presentation.

And think about this: Evening community concerts can be part of this day’s activities, or can be the culmination of a milt-day residency. Imagine… after a day’s activities, or after a week-long residency in your school, Tsidii could invite these “special guest performers” (your students and faculty) to join them on stage for the entire school community.

BEHIND THE SCENES – The Making of “Rafiki” in The Lion King

A Talk Presentation with music about Tsidii’s journey from South Africa to the United States, and the role of “Rafiki” in The Lion King On Broadway – as created by Tsidii in her multiple Award-winning Broadway performance. Tsidii will share her vision and life inspiration coming from her culture and history. The presentation includes a Q & A.


A choral workshop featuring music from South African folklore, contemporary traditions and music influenced by South African traditions. Tsidii has taught groups and choirs in Europe, Southern Africa and the US. The program includes teaching performance skills, cultural, social aspects as well as related history. As part of celebrating The Lion King on Broadway’s 20th Anniversary from Nov 2017, Tsidii includes teaching one or two songs from the show, which are exemplary as songs from and / or influenced by South African culture.