Susan Tabachnick-Corporate Creativity

Susan makes creations out of found objects, both sculptural and functional.  Her work is about connections and the partnering of disparate objects.  Everything has a history and although we may not know what it is, it brings a patina, a fingerprint of its past life to her work. Her workshops unlock creativity in everyone.


About the Artist

Susan Tabachnick makes sculpture and functional items out of found objects. Her work is about connections and the partnering of disparate objects. Prior to becoming an artist, Ms. Tabachnick spent two plus decades doing strategic marketing for trade shows. The recipient of industry related awards, she was recognized for her business-to-business acumen, proven ability to analyze creatively, and development of strategic ideas and solutions. She currently develops public programs and special events for the Discovery Museum and Planetarium.

It’s Not What You Think: Creating the Unusual From the Usual

For corporations and adult groups.


  • Need to create new perspectives
  • Need creative ideas
  • Improve collaborative work efforts

Solution: It’s Not What You Think

  • Use exercises that explore different ways of looking at things
  • Experience individual and collaborative building with found objects
  • Use simple mapping tools

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