Susan Rosano

Students will explore science, math and the environment when working with Teaching Artist Susan Rosano.  From designing and making murals to oil drum art and untangling the math behind Zen tangles, Susan helps students work individually and as a team to create public art that relates to curriculum.


About the Artist

Award winning artist, Susan E. Rosano holds a Masters Degree from Wesleyan University in Liberal Studies, with a concentration in Visual Arts. Susan is a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant and Educator certified by the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. She has many years of experience as a visual artist specializing in painting with watercolors, acrylics, and pastels.

Susan also works on multi-media art pieces using mosaics, beads, antique jewelry and recycled musical instruments. Her work has been displayed at many galleries throughout Connecticut and she participates in many environmental art projects.

After completing the oil drum project at the Daniel Farms School in Trumbull, the First Selectman of Trumbull asked Susan to place one of the drums with a community theme in his office.

Susan Rosano - 50 Gallon Drum 3

Oil Drum Art (Grades 3-12)

Make a statement about our environment. Students create designs and paint oil drums with the theme of ecology – things that will help keep our environment clean and thriving. Oil drums can be used as containers to store items in the classroom, or receptacles for recycling. Children create their designs which are transferred on to the oil drum by the artist. The children then paint the banners in a workshop under the direction of the artist. Oil drums come in different sizes – 10 gallon drums are recommended for schools. The oil drums used for painting are clean and new and come in sizes of 55 gallon, 40 gallon and 10 gallon drums.

Susan Rosano - Zentangle

The Mathematical Art of Zentangle© Workshops Grades 3-12

The process of Zentangle© is an engaging, modern art form that helps students practice geometric shapes, repeating designs and contrasting colors. A “string” (design) is made inside a geometric shape, sections of the string are filled in with different patterns and the designs are “tangled” with each other. A great way to get students to learn geometric shapes and enjoy the process! Simply put, it is fun, absorbing and you end up with a great piece of geometric art.

Geo Strings and Poly Tangles –Practice your polygons and geometric shapes by adding Zentangle© designs to the inside of the shapes.

Alpha Tangles – Practice your alphabet and add some fun Zentangle© designs inside each letter

Zoo Tangles – Draw animal shapes from your classroom biology studies with Zentangle© designs inside them

Veggie Tangles – Make vegetable shapes from your Healthy Eating studies and include Zentangle© designs inside the veggies. You can make a “Garden of Design” as a classroom mural.

Curriculum Connections – Math, Science, Literacy, Health, Visual Art

Where in the World-Google Earth Mural (Grades 3-12)

Create a classroom mural of a continent, country or state by using longitude and latitude coordinate, Google Earth and visual arts.  Pick longitude and latitude coordinates from a jar and find your location using Google Earth, print your view and reproduce this view as an individual painting.  Place your painting on the large mural at the proper coordinates.

Students will learn to:

  • identify the earth’s physical features
  • differentiate between longitude and latitude
  • locate areas on a map
  • discover geographical and topographical features of different locations in the world
  • analyze settlement patterns in different world regions
  • discover how geographic locations have influenced history
  • create a community collage using communication and collaboration in the classroom
  • coordinate colors, backgrounds and foregrounds
  • use line, design, contrast, shadows and shapes in paintings

4 Sessions per day

Curriculum links: Social Studies, Math, Geography, Science, Visual Arts, History, Earth Sciences and Environment

Murals (Grades 3-12)

Groups will create hand painted murals with a theme to be displayed in a public place. Painting murals creates community and cooperation through children working together to paint designs made and agreed upon by the group. Mural art  can be made to make a statement, create an atmosphere with a theme for dances, book fairs, school programs, etc., and are great for set designs or backgrounds for theater presentations. All designs are created by the children and transferred on to the mural by the artist. The children will then paint the mural in a workshop under the direction of the artist. Murals can be 6 feet by 3 feet and are painted on one side. They can be hung inside the building or outside. Frames can also be purchased.

Susan Rosano - Mummy Mask

Egyptian Art (Grades 4-8)

Students will use the art of papier mache or fast drying plastic wrap to create their own version of Egyptian Mummy Masks. They will learn how and why ancient Egyptians created these masks. Students will then apply different techniques – using face molds or balloons to create shape, and add facial features with other materials, using acrylic paint and the cardboard shape of a wig to finish. Other projects possibilities include making mini mummies with plastic wrap, hieroglyphics tablets with mosaics, and Egyptian pendants of polymer clay. Length: Up to 90 minutes.


One Workshop: $440 – *Plus materials

Two Workshops: $590 – *Plus materials

Four Workshops: $885 – *Plus materials

Program Guide: Susan Rosano


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