Shannon Marzella

The Beautiful Girl Project and CreativiTea are programs that open doors to creativity, foster self-reflection and allow participants  to reflect on issues in their lives in a positive safe place.

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About the Artist

Shannon Marzella is the founder of The Center for Expressive Writing, a sacred and safe space that supports and empowers women and girls. Through poetry, meditation, and reflective writing, CEW establishes strong, loving female communities and promotes self-love, self-esteem, and self-care.   Shannon has worked with neurodiverse children and teens for five years. Using the healing power of writing, she helped her students address their emotional needs and gain confidence in their unique voices. Shannon holds both New York and Connecticut State Teaching Certifications in English. She also completed certification in professional coaching through Leadership that Works, an International Coaching Federation accredited program. She also holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Fordham University.  Shannon has run a variety of women’s groups that celebrate the diversity of women’s stories. She has taught yoga and meditation to middle and high school students at Beacon/Spire through Greenwich Education Group and The Westport Day School and now continues her seven-year practice as a yogi and meditator.


The Beautiful Girl Project

The Beautiful Girl Project teaches girls in grades 5-12 emotional literacy through expressive writing. Using a combination of mindfulness, poetry, and discussions, girls read poems and engage in writing that is self-reflective and allows them to reflect on  issues such as self-esteem, body image, and peer relationships in order to cultivate self-compassion and respect for themselves and others.



CreativiTea offers a space for girls and women of all ages to express their creative spirit  over a cup of tea. In this warm, positive environment, individuals open the doors to their creativity through intuitive painting, drawing, meditation, and journaling. There is no judgment or critiquing. This is purely a time for play and exploration!

1 Workshop $140

2 Workshops $250

4 Workshops $430

5 Day Residency $1070

8 Day Residency $1425

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