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About the Artist

Character Creation / Development & Storytelling

Using Space Fantasy, Superheroes, Pokemon Go; Emojis I share  the fundamentals
of character design and storytelling , such as: Silhouettes ; Turnarounds ; Relative Scale ;
Backstory . Exploring these sorts of fundamentals are helpful for letting our
imaginations fly, . The storylines then always ring true because they are grounded in REAL emotion.
Cartoons, Caricature, and Editorial Cartooning are an excellent way for kids to give their own
opinions about what’s happening in current events and in recent/not-so-recent history

Sequential Art/ Comics/ Comic Strips/ Gag Cartoons

Puppet-making Personal) Storytelling

Puppets are made fairly quickly and then getting to the PLAY (both meanings) is
equally quick (students eager to put on a show do not become bored)
Engaging first-time puppet-makers or those who have already labeled themselves as “not
being artists” can gain confidence by conquering these art forms “Stretching” becomes a much easier proposition for future puppet-making sessions. The brain connections that are made regarding MAKING only become
strengthened over time as the student continues to MAKE. A newly-gained knowledge of how materials react and getting comfortable with eye-hand puppet type. We are always building on what it is that we’ve done and learned.
What I typically do with making puppets :
● Brief intro to the type of puppet we’re making that week
● Show samples of my own (or other kid-made puppets from a similar age group)
● Intro the materials and the supplies so they’ll understand what’s available for them to use
(I like to have a veritable smorgasbord of supplies for classes to use, as it’s often the
materials that can be initiating “spark” that can get the student excited by an IDEA and begin
As with my Character Design classes, I always encourage the kids to:
● Give their puppet a name and start to figure out the puppet’s backstory
● Interact with other puppets made by their classmates
● Experiment with voices and styles of speaking

Art Journaling

Creating zines — designing, creating, producing, distributing

Miniature making & miniature displays/ installations


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