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About the Artist

Marc Levitt is an author, storyteller, filmmaker and a former national radio show host/producer ( Marc has written three books about educational subjects; one, Putting Everyday Life on the Page and two books about school character education  A Holistic Approach For Cultural Change; Character Education for Ages 13-15  and Changing Curriuculum Through Stories, Character Education for ages 10-12

Mr. Levitt has performed and conducted workshops in over sixty countries and created a web site ( written by students about their experiences as globalized students.  Marc was also the creator and director of the integrated arts/curriculum and NEH/Disney funded Charles Fortes Museum School Program.

Mr. Levitt’s films include, Stories in Stone (30 Minutes), about Narragansett stone wall builders and Woven in Time (60 minutes), about the only pre-contact Native village preserved on the East Coast of New England. Currently, Marc is working on a new film, Triple Decker, A New England Love Story and a new book, the tentative which is, Sites of Tolerance that will be about small gains in understanding the value and importance of diversity that have occurred at certain points in history.

Mr. Levitt is a graduate of Cornell University and studied with the legendary teacher, Jacques LeCoq.



Marc Levitt tells original and folkloric stories for ages 5-18 that use everyday life issues, concerns and experiences as their jumping off points. Mr. Levitt incorporates audience involvement, music and sound and juggling in his programs.

Tales of an October Moon

Stories that delight, entrance and fascinate ages 6-15 year olds about New England’s built and open landscapes as the seasons change, leaves fall and unexplained sounds haunt the environment. Based on Marc’s award winning audio be the same name.

Speaking of Films

Marc can show one of his two films and speak about them in a wide ranging conversation that would include either the history of Native Stone Wall building in Rhode Island and/or the pre-contact Native settlement by the shore.

Workshops and Residencies, each of which have a storytelling component for explanation and demonstration. (K-18)

Putting Everyday Life on the Page

Games, exercises, curriculum suggestions and final products that help students enhance their skills with topic selection, metaphor and colorful language, the role of and the ability to describe character and place, the logic of beginnings and endings and more and enhancing listening interviewing skills

Welcome to the World of Proverbs

Mining these age old nuggets of wisdom to enhance thinking and writing skills.

Getting Along For Your Own Good! We’re All in it Together

Changing the conversation of school culture from one that is admonition based to one that depends upon intrinsic motivation. Using stories and activities to enhance cooperation, empathy and thinking skills, Mr. Levitt helps students (5-18) understand how interconnected we all are.

Workshops for Staff and Parents

Putting Everyday Life on the Page (Or in a performance)

Helping parents and teachers help their children and/or students’ speaking and writing skills through games and exercises. My goal is to help parents and educators enrich their own instruction to assist their students in feeling confident about their experiences, ideas and thoughts and to understand the logic and skills inherent in being a writer and a storyteller. An important component to this work is to help adults and students to listen, think and ask questions.

We’re all in it Together

Based on Mr. Levitt’s new book, this power point conversation discusses and demonstrates how to create a community-wide program that emphasizes empathy, non-violence and courage in the face of peer pressure. Encouraging interdisciplinary and project based direction, Mr. Levitt’s workshops encourages a shift from what he calls, ‘Shallow Individualism’ to one that understands interconnectivity and ‘Deep Individualism’.

1/2 day: $675

Full day visit of up to four 45 minute workshops per day: $1,110


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