Hannah D. Jackson

Utilizing Universal Design for Learning, Hannah brings your curriculum alive, providing interesting and engaging ways to draw the learners into learning.  Art is highly motivating and engaging.


About the Artist

Hannah received her BFA from UMASS Amherst and her MS in Clinical Art Therapy from Springfield College. Having worked with pre-K through elder learners, she designs activities that meet the needs of various learners and allows for a multitude of approaches that enable participants to use their imaginations.  Hannah has several years of experience working in schools, camps and with professional development for teachers. She brings innovative visual art projects to students throughout Connecticut, specializing in painting, ceramic and sculpture.  Hannah has exhibited widely in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Hannah Jackson

Visual Expression in Your Classroom (K-12)

Hannah will work with your staff on custom designing visual art projects that dovetail with the curriculum, fostering learning through the arts. In her teaching, she incorporates a series of networks for student success.  “Affective networks” provide interesting and engaging ways to draw the learner in.  “Strategic networks” provide various ways in which learners can express and interpret what they are learning. Lastly, “recognition networks”  are activated to allow students a variety of ways to present the information they have learned. Whether working on life skills, math, science, or literacy,  Hannah creates arts integrated experiences that work in your classroom.

4 Workshops:  $430 plus materials


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