Eshu Bumpus

Master Teaching and the 2015 Arts for Learning Connecticut’s Teaching Artist of the Year, Eshu Bumpus, tells a selection of African and African-American stories in an atmosphere that encourages laughter, creativity and participation.  Many stories include a musical element.  Writing workshops give students a solid foundation in deconstructing and building their own folktale or story with rich detail.


About the Artist

Master storyteller  and Arts for Learning Connecticut’s 2015 Teaching Artist of the Year, Eshu Bumpus, has performed in schools and festivals throughout New England, California and in collaboration with the Smithsonian. As an artist and teacher, Eshu’s primary mission is to help raise students’ and teachers’ confidence in creating, writing and telling stories.

People are still talking about Eshu’s visit to A.W. Cox Elementary School. Descriptions from the children include, “I loved his music,” and “He was amazing” .Quotes from the faculty included, “He had a great presence,” ‘He has a way with children,” “Perfect, just the way it was”, “Captivating children and adults!”

Many teachers felt that this was the very best cultural enrichment program we have ever experienced.” Cindy Metrose, A.W. Cox School in Guilford

Eshu Bumpus

African and African-American Tales (Grades K-12)

Eshu presents a selection of African and African-American stories in an atmosphere that encourages laughter, creativity and participation. Nonviolent principles permeate his stories. Stories incorporate participatory songs. Length: 45 minutes

Audience Limit 150 students

World Folktales and Storysongs (Grades K-12)

Eshu draws from his appreciation of cultures from all over the world, combining stories and participatory songs in this diverse and vibrant program. Length: 45 minutes

Back to Back Performances: $880

Three Performances: $1045

4 Performances or Workshops:  $1150

5 day Residency:  $3580

Workshops Include:

  • Fun with Stories (Grades K-1)
  • Interdiction Stories (Grades 2 & 3)
  • Explanatory Tales (Grades 3 & 4)
  • Fables (Grades 4-6)
  • Story Functions (Grades 5-8)


Stories from Asia and Africa (Grades 1-12)

Eshu and Motoko combine talents to perform Asian and African folktales followed by simultaneous workshops in creative writing.

Full Day Fee $1,890

Program Guide: Eshu Bumpus

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