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Blue Jupiter redefines popular music in the studio and on stage… …and they do it all with only their voices accapella.  Blue Jupiter is an edgy pop-funk band that has everything to offer, but instruments. Blue Jupiter can be heard on the radio nationwide performing their funky-pop version of the classic Oreo Jingle. Blue Jupiter rocked audiences recently headlining at VH1's Save The Music Event in Oswego, NY, Braking the Cycle (annual AIDS fundraiser), and an international tour to Hong Kong.


About the Artist

Blue Jupiter is an edgy pop-funk band that has everything to offer, but instruments. The recent winners of Oreo’s “Milk’s Favorite Jingle Contest” hosted by American Idol’s Randy Jackson, can be heard on the radio nationwide performing their funky-pop version of the classic Oreo Jingle. Blue Jupiter rocked audiences recently headlining at VH1’s Save The Music Event in Oswego, NY, Braking the Cycle (annual AIDS fundraiser), and an international tour to Hong Kong. Blue Jupiter was a featured act at the Harmony Sweepstakes, both in Washington DC and New York City, winning Audience Favorite and Best Arrangement two years in a row. Blue Jupiter’s debut album “Ear Candy” was nominated for best contemporary album of the year by the Contemporary A Cappella Society and they have since produced two more albums – “Scattered Flurries”, and “Live in NYC” with a fourth on the way. Blue Jupiter redefines popular music in the studio and on stage… …and they do it all with only their voices. February 2008, Touring in China: Including Shanghai American School – a private K-12 english speaking school performing and conducting workshops and assemblies for all the students! From New Canaan Country School: “Today we experienced Blue Jupiter, the a cappella group from New York and they were wonderful! Marty’s multitasking bass and beat boxing rhythm section was amazing. Chris’s solo on “Life is a Highway” was incredible and Diane’s McDonald’s impression was hilarious. Artie did a really good job in “Let it Snow” and they were all extremely good. I recommend seeing them . Blue Jupiter is the best a cappella group I’ve ever heard!” Kate Connors, Grade Five “I thought that the performance was really cool. My favorite person was Marty. I thought that the drum was very cool. They were good performers. They were really funny. I never knew that they do the song in the Oreo commercials. They were all very talented and I’m not surprised that Randy Jackson picked their group out of 12,000 other groups. It was really cool that they didn’t use any instruments. It was hard to tell that there were no instruments.” Kyle Salvatore, Grade Five “I enjoyed the Blue Jupiter Forum. It was so cool. I would give them 5 stars. They were funny, entertaining and awesome. They were terrific. Like a magician, they were magical. I hope I can see them perform again. I will probably buy a CD. I was inspired by them. They were cool.” Alyssa Thomas, Grade Five. Comments from a Teacher at Hamden Hall: I am a Spanish teacher at Hamden Hall where you sang today. I have to tell you that I was blown away. Having sung in acapella groups from high school to The Salt & Pepper Gospel Singers for the last ten years, music has always been a huge part of my life. I like to think that I know good music when I hear it and today I heard the best music our theater has ever hosted. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work. I’ll be keeping track of you and hoping for good things to come your way. — Henry C. Mixsell (Hank) What the staff at CT Children’s Medical Center said about Blue Jupiter’s visit to the Center: The members of Blue Jupiter did such a fantastic job yesterday at CT Children’s Medical Center. The musicians sang to every child there and saw hope in all of their eyes. This day not only touched the children, but deeply affected the vocalists of Blue Jupiter as well. In fact, after spending a few hours there Blue Jupiter donated CD’s to the children to play in their CD’s players in each of their rooms! One staff member stated, “I just wanted to thank you again for coming in to perform for the kids. One young girl was blown away by Blue Jupiter. She fell asleep with the picture of Blue Jupiter in her hands. It meant a lot to her. It’s not every day that people get to have a talented group of musicians perform right in front of them-up close!”

What Is A Cappella(K-12)

Blue Jupiter will demonstrate a cappella in a variety of styles as they cover the past in their Funk Bus(chant/barbershop, doo-wop styles), present the use of vocal percussion past and future of the art form. This is an interactive educational assembly where the students get a chance to sing, try vocal percussion, direct questions to the band, and answer a few questions at the end of the assembly about what they just learned. Length: 45 Minutes

Single Performance: $1860

Back to Back Performances: $2555

It’s an A Cappella Holiday (Grades K-12)

Blue Jupiter presents “Scattered Flurries,” a holiday-themed performance that combines their unmatched a cappella arts-in-education programming with contemporary, all-vocal arrangements of Christmas carols and Chanukah songs. Blue Jupiter is a must-see-to-believe romp of vocal acrobatics and instrument imitation. Audiences will learn about a cappella music past, present and future. Students, teachers and parents alike with learn how to make drum sounds with their mouths, and everyone can sing and clap along to their favorite songs of the season. Start thinking of your favorite holiday songs now because Blue Jupiter has added a special treat for the holidays: an interactive all-request portion to their show. Presented as a lightning-round of “Name That Tune”, the audience will request several holiday songs and Blue Jupiter will arrange and perform them on the spot. The ultra-high energy of Scattered Flurries and the constant audience participation make this Blue Jupiter performance the perfect holiday treat for audiences of all ages. Length-45 Minutes

Special Evening Family Program with Blue Jupiter

Invite the entire community to attend an evening presentation of Blue Jupiter!!! This performance will feature different songs from the daytime program and includes a post-show meet and greet with Blue Jupiter. Length 60 Minutes Call for evening pricing.

Broadway in Song

Join Marty and Diana of Blue Jupiter as they sing the best tunes on Broadway!

Single Performance: $1755

Back to Back Performances: $2,420

Evening Performance: $2,840

Workshops Include:

Digital A Cappella Music Lab (Grades 3 and Up)

An interactive classroom workshop exploring the creation and production of music in a digital environment.  Marty Gasper, the beatboxer from Arts For Learning Connecticut’s a cappella group, Blue Jupiter, presents a classroom workshop that will demonstrate basic techniques of creating music using computer technology.  The workshops will include topics like live looping, multi-track recording, audio editing and mixing.  Students will participate in the arranging and recording of a song using only their voices as the instruments.  50 Min.

Advanced Music Intensive

Overview 1 : Blue Jupiter will delve into the past (chant/ religious uses, barbershop, doo-wop), present (vocal percussion in contemporary groups), and future (original music/radio play) of a cappella. Students will get to sing, learn vocal percussion, and have an in-depth Q&A with the band during this interactive, informative workshop. Length 45 minutes Music Intensive 1 Ear Training: Tailored for the classroom environment, the focus of this workshop is getting the students to learn a portion of a Blue Jupiter song using only their ears and singing it, a cappella, in two-, three-, or four-part harmony. Independent part-singing, learning by ear, and improvisation are topics covered in this workshop. Students are given time to ask specific questions about music, sound imitation, the life of a professional musician, and other music-related subjects. Length: 45 minutes

Music Intensive 2 Arranging: What makes a song?:

Tailored for the classroom environment, Blue Jupiter will demonstrate contemporary a cappella and the function of each voice part and compare it to pop music that students listen to on the radio. They do this by selecting a song chosen by the class and interactively dissecting it into its basic elements: rhythm, harmony and lead. Then, Blue Jupiter arranges a small portion of that song a cappella emphasizing the importance of these basic elements of music. Length: 45 Minutes Specifically geared to advanced singing groups, this workshop explores musicality on many levels. Proper singing technique, blend, tone usage, diction, projection, and performance interpretation are just some of the topics covered while Blue Jupiter workshops a song in the Choir’s current repertoire. Length: 45-60 minutes

Rockstar 101- Taking the Stage :

This workshop is about taking ownership of the stage and pointing out the difference between a mediocre performance and a standing ovation. Having confidence, connecting with the audience, and breaking through the deer-in-headlights barrier are the goals of this class. Blue Jupiter provides a fun, safe environment for students to take risks with their performance. Appropriate for all performing arts classes, English classes, and speech/debate clubs. Length: 45 minutes Vocal Percussion The Basics : The contemporary sound of a cappella revolves around vocal percussion. During this workshop, students will learn how to create drum sounds with their mouths. Basic beat patterns are taught in a variety of styles with an emphasis on tempos, time signatures, and breath support. This fun demonstration is geared to students (and teachers!) with a basic knowledge of music. Length: 45 minutes


Held in the choir room, Blue Jupiter and the choir will rehearse the arrangements they have been learning prior to Blue Jupiter’s arrival. Proper singing technique, blending, tuning, and performance considerations will be discussed. The choir will self-evaluate the rehearsal and workshop any problem areas with Blue Jupiter’s guidance. A full run-through with Blue Jupiter should occur. Length: 45-60 Minutes Choir Rehearsal 2 (OPTIONAL for PERFORMANCE RESIDENCY ONLY): The Choir will break into sectionals and rehearse with a member of Blue Jupiter. Blending, tuning, and dynamics are considered as the importance of singing as one is stressed. Full choir run-through with Blue Jupiter may occur on stage if time permits. Length: 45-60 Minutes Choir Full Run (REQUIRED for PERFORMANCE RESIDENCY ONLY): This final performance rehearsal is held on stage to sound-check the sound system, rehearse entrance and exit paths, and answer any questions related to the performance. Length 45-60 Minutes

The Business of Music:

This workshop is a chance to expose students to the popular art form of a cappella while discussing small business entrepreneurship, promotion, marketing, client relationships, and the nuts-and-bolts of touring. As a 100% self-managed, self-produced business, the members of Blue Jupiter possess useful real-world information to share with students while exposing them to other avenues of business management. Length: 45 minutes

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